The Apple Car is now just an over-glorified autonomous shuttle for Apple employees, says report


Apple's automotive ambitions might finally come to life near its sprawling new HQ, but we shouldn't expect to see an Apple Car anytime soon. The company's long-rumored Project Titan vehicle will instead debut in the form of a shuttle bus for Apple employees, according to a New York Times report. The Apple Car was an exciting potential not too long ago, but the hype wore off after the leaks about new prestige hires, regulatory meetings, and forward momentum morphed into reports of false starts, layoffs, and finally a shift in focus to an aftermarket self-driving system for auto manufacturers. Apple is still entering the autonomous car race, but it's nothing like we expected. The self-driving shuttle service will be one of the first real-world tests of that new system, according to the New York Times report, which cites five anonymous people familiar with Project Titan.