Autonomous Vehicles: The Innovation Hub for Cross Industry Disruption


The past five years have been marked by tremendous growth in the autonomous vehicle industry. While many jurisdictions continue to jostle for leadership in the space, an even greater number of original equipment manufacturers, technology companies and start-ups are fast-tracking new Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology with an eye to the huge profits to be made. Moving forward, legislators will be tasked with balancing several competing needs: protecting the public, safeguarding data and privacy, ensuring safety standards and creating regulatory certainty, while leaving room for innovation in this highly competitive industry. Following the 2018 introduction of testing guidelines from Transport Canada and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, a new and robust regulatory framework will assist in the safe development and deployment of CAVs on Canadian roads. In Ontario, as of January 1, 2019, the ban on operating CAVs in Ontario has been lifted in respect of vehicles equipped with SAE Level 3 automation.