US Defense Intelligence Warns of AI-human Hybrid Soldiers From China - The Sociable


China is moving towards merging AI with humans, and the United States Defense Intelligence Agency sees this as a major concern for the future of warfare. Lt. General Ashley begins his talk at 32:20 in the above video by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service Speaking at the Association of the United States Army annual meeting on October 8, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr. said that one of the biggest decisions that the United States military will have to make is how to deal with the "integration of humans and machines" that China is pursuing. "China is progressively pursuing a 2025 strategy where they want to be the main driver of AI, not only for their economic but for their industrial transformation," said Ashley. "Whoever leads in AI will rule the world." "The character of war is constantly changing, and we see AI as we see some of these disruptive technologies that continue to change the character of war -- the complexity and the speed of human interaction. Our task is to understand how they operate," said the DIA director.