At its U.S. launch, LeEco planned to show off two new cars. Only one arrived intact

Los Angeles Times 

After snapping up Irvine television maker Vizio in July for 2 billion in cash, Chinese tech firm LeEco made its official U.S. debut Wednesday, hosting a San Francisco news conference to spell out its ambitions to sell gadgets as varied as phones and cars. During the two-hour presentation, the company ran through nearly a dozen products it plans to launch, including a range of 4K smart TVs, the Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones, a virtual reality headset, a smart bicycle that can travel up to 30 mph, a video streaming service and two smart cars: the semi-autonomous LeSee and the fully autonomous LeSee Pro concept car. But the LeSee was noticeably absent from the news conference. LeEco founder Jia Yueting told the audience it got into a "serious accident" while in transit from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley. The LeSee Pro, present at the event, sat stationary on display.

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