Google's DeepMind has learnt how to talk like a human


Anyone that might be concerned about computers taking over look away now, because they are a step closer to sounding just like humans. Researchers in the UK at Google's DeepMind unit have been working on making computer-generated speech sound as "natural" as humans. The technology, called WaveNet, which is focused on the area of speech synthesis, or text-to-speech, was found to sound more natural than any of Google's products. However, this was only achieved after the WaveNet artificial neural network was trained to produce English and Chinese speech which required copious amounts of computing power, so the technology probably won't be hitting the mainstream any time soon. Using a convolutional neural network, which is used for artificial intelligence in deep learning, it is trained on data and then the systems make inferences about new data, in addition to being used to generate new data.

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