Reuters provides trusted news content on AWS Data Exchange for artificial intelligence capabilities - Reuters


Reuters, the world's largest multimedia news provider, announced today that it has joined the newly launched AWS Data Exchange to provide access to trusted news and data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. Even more enterprises will now have quick access to Reuters trusted, independent and impartial news content and data, which are produced by 2,500 journalists in more than 200 locations globally, to power their artificial intelligence (AI) applications. "Reuters is constantly seeking new ways to broaden the reach of our independent, trusted and unbiased news content and data. We are excited to be among the first providers of such content in AWS Data Exchange, where our multi-language news data will be made available to a diverse range of AWS customers around the globe," said Alphonse Hardel, Global Head of Business Development and Strategy, Reuters at Thomson Reuters. "With the increasing demand across industries in using news content to train and power their mission critical AI and analytics applications on the cloud, the depth and accuracy of Reuters coverage means AWS customers are now able to seamlessly access the highest quality of data from AWS Data Exchange," added Hardel.

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