Significant Growth In Artificial Intelligence Platform Software Market 2019-2025 MICROSOFT Azure AI, GOOGLE Cloud Machine Learning Engine, IBM Watson, AMAZON ML platform services – Market Expert24


The latest report titled global Artificial Intelligence Platform Software market includes the comprehensive study of the present market scope and based on the research that is being carried out the analysts at The Research Insights state that the newest developments that are presently affecting the changing scenario products and services that have high rankings and great feedback are described wisely. The Artificial Intelligence platform provides tools and technologies to build applications with AI-rich capabilities. The algorithms used for formulating the AI platform provide logical models for application developers to fabricate various innovative applications with capabilities, such as speech and voice recognition, text recognition, and predictive analytics. The factors likely to drive the Artificial Intelligence platform market are the substantial increase in data generation, high demand for AI-based solutions, the need to enhance customer experience, and the increasing operational efficiency & reduced cost that AI platforms offer. Among end users, the BFSI segment is projected to have the largest share, while healthcare is expected to have the highest growth rate during the forecast period.

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