Google, Oracle pledge open cloud to ease lock-in concerns


The rush to digitalise has pushed businesses to move to the cloud, though, there remain nagging concerns about vendor lock-in and their ability to move between different cloud environments. In their efforts to address these issues, both Google and Oracle are touting service offerings that they say will ensure openness and flexibility. And as adoption grows, can cloud's core components become commoditised and go the way of network pipes, with focus shifting to value-added service delivery as it did for telcos? Chris Chelliah, Oracle's group vice president and chief architect of core technology and cloud, believes so, pointing to compute and storage as components that are likely to become commoditised. Should public cloud spending remain on its CAGR trajectory of 25%, it will have an economic impact of $450 billion across six Asia-Pacific markets from 2019 to 2023, fuelling consumer spending and creating jobs.