Is MIFID II Hindering Innovation?


In the past year MIFID II has enticed change and development across the financial markets and research sector. Here Fabrice Bouland, CEO of Alphametry, analyses said change and the impact it has had on innovation. Six months in and MiFID II research unbundling regulation has appeared to create an even worse market for investment research than we had previously. With many commentators decrying the'unintended consequences' of the new legislation – namely bringing the research market to a grinding halt as asset managers assess their needs and sparking a price war which has all but crippled smaller, niche research houses – one might wonder if there is anything positive to say about the impact of MiFID II on the research market and whether anything which can be done to revive it? In truth, MiFID II has ultimately shown us the historical ambiguity investment managers have always had with research.