Yemen faces famine this year threatening 80% of population, U.N. warns

The Japan Times 

UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations aid chief warned Thursday that Yemen was sliding deeper into humanitarian crisis and could face famine this year. The poor Arab country has been engulfed in war since a Saudi-led coalition launched a bombing campaign in March 2015 to push back Iran-backed Houthi rebels who had seized the capital Sanaa and other cities. "The conflict in Yemen is now the primary driver of the largest food security emergency in the world," Stephen O'Brien, the U.N. under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, told the Security Council. "If there is no immediate action, famine is now a possible scenario for 2017." About 14 million people -- nearly 80 percent of the entire Yemeni population -- are in need of food aid, half of whom are severely food insecure, O'Brien said. At least 2 million people need emergency food assistance to survive, he added.

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