Take $50 off Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones at Walmart


There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot your headphones once you get to the gym, and there's nothing better than having a kickass pair of full-sound-pumping headphones to get you through a grueling workout. If there's a brand we can trust for quality sound, it's Bose -- and right now, Walmart has Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones for $50 off. The SoundSport Free wireless headphones are completely wire-free and are designed like independent ear plugs, so you'll have full range of motion during your workout, plus you won't have to worry about them tangling in your gym bag. They're specifically designed to keep rain and moisture out (yes, that includes sweat), and each earbud comes with a Bose StayHear Sport tip to keep the earbud in place, so no need to worry about losing one during an intense workout.

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