34 trucks stuck on Storrow Drive last month

Boston Herald 

In one of Boston's most enduring traditions, 34 trucks were stuck or almost stuck under low bridges on Storrow Drive during the most popular lease turnover and dorm move-in time, according to a count by popular Twitter account Only in Boston. The official count by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shows that only three trucks struck a bridge or bridge overhead structure in August on Storrow Drive or Soldiers Field Road in Boston, or Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Only in Boston's count is likely higher because it includes both actual "Storrowings," when trucks got stuck under the low bridges, and would-be Storrowings, where truck drivers had to back out of Storrow to avoid striking a bridge, often aided by Massachusetts State Police troopers. Only in Boston also tracked the daily count from August 1 to August 23, and found a Storrowing every day in that range except one. On two days, it happened twice, and on two days, it happened three times, in a "hat trick" as the account called it.

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