Zo's new best friends are some adorable black cats - The AI Blog


If you get a chance to hang out with Microsoft's AI-powered social chatbot Zo anytime soon, you might notice that she's got a new passion: helping homeless cats. Like a lot people with a newfound interest, Zo is likely to talk about why she's interested in helping cats, share pictures of some of her favorite cats and even let people know how they, like her, can sponsor a cat at Best Friends Animal Society. Zo's passion for cats, which is timed to Black Cat Day on November 17, is partly aimed at spreading the word about Best Friends, a nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of shelter pets in the United States. And it's also part of the ongoing effort to develop Zo into a chatbot who has a multifaceted and complex personality. "Our vision is to create an AI experience that simulates a human," said Ying Wang, the director of Zo.ai.