Are AI capabilities the force of the future, or is it emotional intelligence?


Anywhere, at any time, the capabilities and competence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to threaten an employee's role and an employer's style of working. Recent statistics surrounding the correlation between AI and employment in the Capgemini survey reveal that an increasing number of employers are turning to AI devices to heighten their company's impact. For instance, when discussing conversational AI chat bots, 76 percent of the organisations interviewed have seen quantifiable benefits from their voice and chat initiatives, while 58 percent claimed that these benefits met or exceeded their expectations. Compared to last year, the number of consumers using voice has shown a meaningful increase and the report emphasises that customers are increasingly preferring to use voice assistants throughout the consumer journey. To leverage their grasp of consumer appetites, the organisations appear to be trying to find the right balance between human and robotic interactions, but this still threatens the existence of human-based roles in their companies.

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