Livio AI hearing aids are now as smart as most wearables


Among the mountains of sexy technology on the market, it's fair to say that hearing aids don't feature too highly when it comes to innovation and aspirational living. But as Starkey Hearing Technologies demonstrated with its Livio AI device last year, there's a lot to be done in this field -- and now its smart hearing aid has gotten even smarter. Granted, not many people view hearing aids as smart devices -- they are traditionally the preserve of the elderly, and therefore not particularly synonymous with The Internet of Things. But new updates to the device which already boasted a host of useful features -- such as Alexa voice control and built-in language translation -- are set to completely reimagine the concept of the hearing aid. Announced at CES, the Livio AI device now comes with fall detection, heart rate measurement and a built-in virtual assistant.

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