NBA Partners With GameOn Technology In Launching AI Chatbot On Facebook Messenger


The NBA and GameOn Technology announced a partnership this week where the league will take advantage ... [ ] of the company's AI chatbot technology to provide in-game highlights via Facebook Messenger. As sports move into the new decade, it can be argued that the key new technologies that will define tech's impact will be the influx of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) related to how teams conduct their business objectives. These businesses use range from improving performance on the field and for in-game decision-making to achieving revenue objectives through utilizing the technology to make better use of the enormous amounts of data that teams and leagues collect from fan shopping habits and online behavior. As part of this process, AI is being utilized to automate chat to reduce manpower needs. With this in mind, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a partnership this week with AI chatbot company GameOn Technology that will engage fans of the league through Facebook Messenger to deliver highlights in-game.

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