Exploring the Artificially Intelligent Future of Finance


Exploring the Artificially Intelligent Future of Finance With technological enhancements increasing computing power and decreasing its cost, easing access to big data and innovating algorithms, there has been a huge surge in interest of artificial intelligence, machine learning and its subset, deep learning, in recent years. The popularity of smartphones, wearables and social media platforms has led to an explosion in the amount of data being recorded and AI is the only way to make use of it. With the surge of digital disruption in the financial services, the industry has led to hundreds of emerging startups bringing new ways for people to bank, which is causing traditional methods to undergo an innovation overhaul to integrate new technological advancements in order to compete. To celebrate London's 3rd Annual (15-22 July), we spoke to experts in the field to find out how and why, and, most importantly, what we can expect in the future. What have been the leading factors enabling recent advancements and uptake of deep learning? Jan: Astonishing increases in computing power and data availability in recent years have been the main benefactors of deep learning technology.