Why Britain's most eminent scientist is convinced cyborgs will rule the planet within 80 years

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

It is 8.30am and Britain's most eminent scientist is taking a windswept stroll through Dorset's rolling hills. It seems hard to believe that James Lovelock – sprightly despite a walking stick and bristling with a fierce, bright-eyed intelligence – will turn 100 this week. But the man known for proposing one of the most visionary scientific theories of the last century starts the day just as he always does, with a brisk walk from his coastguard's cottage by the shores of Chesil Beach with his beloved wife, Sandy. That Lovelock is conscious of his own mortality is to be expected. But that he is also musing on the future of the Earth he will never live to see – one which involves cyborgs, no less – is, perhaps, rather more surprising.

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