How Artificial Intelligence is helping Singapore to achieve its Smart Nation vision during the pandemic – OpenGov New


The National AI Strategy announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat at the Singapore FinTech Festival last November mapped out how Singapore will develop and deploy AI solutions to transform the economy and improve lives. The National AI Strategy focuses on five key areas -- healthcare, security, smart estates, education and logistics -- and is led by the National AI Office, an agency created under the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office. Some of the areas where results are already beginning to show in real time are in using AI and robots in the fight against Covid-19, AI analysis for better Covid-19 contact tracing, smart AI robots for patrol and surveillance, smart sensors and meters to save water and AI in data analytics for tourism insights. A recent example of using AI-powered video analytics is VigilantGantry, which automatically screens temperatures of individuals passing through a gantry or entrance with a regular video camera and thermal scanner. The software can detect and screen the temperatures of those wearing caps or items that cover their foreheads.