How Automotive AI Is Going to Disrupt (Almost) Every Industry - DZone AI


With almost every automaker on the planet launching predictions about the arrival date of driverless vehicles, we here at Arcbees are willing to bet that you've given at least a little thought to what that utopian future would be like napping, watching a movie, or getting work done in the backseat while your car deals with traffic. And how exciting would it be never to have to parallel park again? Ford & Argo AI claim they'll be "fully autonomous" by 2021 Hyundai, which is prioritizing affordability, has announced its goals for autonomous freeway driving by 2020 and the more complex navigation of urban driving by 2030. Elon Musk of Tesla, on the other hand, is characteristically audacious and ambitious, already offering many driver-assist AI features and promising full automation, via a tweet, in "3 months maybe, 6 months definitely" -- meaning by the end of 2017. When it comes to AI-driven autonomous vehicles, however, it's important to understand the terminology.