More agencies need AI strategies, says Deloitte report - FedScoop


Agencies should look to early artificial intelligence adopters in government and industry when crafting strategies for adopting such technologies, according to a new report. Deloitte surveyed about 1,100 executives from U.S. organizations using AI in the third quarter of 2018 -- 10% of them from the public sector -- and found 74% of respondents felt the technologies would be "very" or "critically" important within two years. But government is lagging behind its peers in adopting the new technologies, according to the study. Bill Eggers, executive director of Deloitte's Center for Government Insights, said this reflects agencies' investment and strategizing around AI. "Governments were on the lower end of the AI maturity curve compared to other industries, and it's certainly no surprise that financial services and technology companies were the higher end," Eggers told FedScoop. "The reason why this might be is both a skills gap issue, but also the public sector is investing the least in AI of all the different industries that we looked at."

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