Basketball robot Cue3 and B. League's Alvark Tokyo join Olympic effort to teach students math

The Japan Times 

In an unusual combination of disciplines, a basketball-shooting robot created by Japan's leading automaker helped students at a Tokyo elementary school on Friday to learn math. The physically active math lesson was joined by professional players from the B. League's Alvark Tokyo basketball team as well as Cue3, a humanoid robot made by one of the team's major sponsors, Toyota Motor Corp. The special class was part of Tokyo 2020 Math Drill, a learning program that incorporates 55 official sports from the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics into math classes to provide fun learning opportunities. Sixth-graders at Fuchu Elementary School No. 10 in the city of Fuchu were divided into groups of 13 to 17 students. Each student shot the ball once and calculated the success rates for each group, making it an exercise in using fractions.