The Authentication Conundrum: Can Cutting-Edge Fraud Prevention Technology be a Game Changer for 3-D Secure? –


Concerns about lower conversions and rising customer friction are preventing higher penetration rates, but new fraud prevention software solutions offer ways to balance customer satisfaction and security requirements. Roger Lester, Payments Expert at Featurespace, explores how advanced machine learning and adaptive behavioral analytics technology help balance 3-D Secure checks against futureproofing an organization's fraud defenses. Taking advantage of machine-learning fraud prevention--While this rules-based approach provides limited performance improvement, a more efficient approach would be to use the latest machine learning fraud prevention technologies that use Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to automatically understand each transaction and risk score it in real-time. Balancing business rules and machine learning--Without having to implement a new authentication method, organizations can use a combination of rules and adaptive behavioral models to reduce both customer friction and operational efficiency.