The cherished Trudeau-Macron bromance is thriving at the G20 Summit


Your new favorite bromance between Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron is still out there, surviving and thriving. The dreamy Canadian Prime Minister and French President had a chance to catch up at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany this week -- and thanks to exclusive footage shared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, we can confirm their bromance looks as strong as ever. SEE ALSO: The Trump-Putin handshake the world's been waiting for is here Merkel's video, which was posted to her German cabinet, the Bundesregierung's, Facebook page, is only 43 seconds long, but it shows us all we need to know Trudeau and Macron are making the most of their time together. Let us now lovingly dissect the THREE precious times in less than a minute of footage that the bros are spotted together... Trudeau and Macron greeted each other with an immediate handshake before making a seamless transition into that half-hug thing that really tight friends do. With a pat on the back and a momentary embrace, the two leaders shared a touching welcome.