Researchers have created an online AI that hides you from facial recognition – Fanatical Futurist by International Keynote Speaker Matthew Griffin


Connect, download a free E-Book, watch a keynote, or browse my blog. What Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps take away with one hand, namely privacy, even if you're wearing masks, and with the Chinese relatively dystopian feeling Social Credit Scoring (SCS) system being a prime example, it gives with the other. And as for what it gives back, ironically, that's also privacy. Well, just one of the many ways that companies strip away our privacy is by using facial recognition, for example, from images and video, which they then use to track us, monitor us, and profile us all. Now, however, the same AI technology that's behind DeepFakes could soon be used to help anonymize and hide us online and confuse these facial recognition systems.

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