Why Australia is spending millions to make GPS signals more accurate


Maybe Australians haven't noticed, but the little blue marker showing where you are in Google Maps, or even Apple Maps, isn't as accurate as it could be. It's why Australia is spending over A$260 million (US$193 million) to invest in satellite infrastructure and technology to improve GPS accuracy, as part of the Federal Government's budget announcement. As it stands, Australians get uncorrected GPS signals that are accurate to five metres (5.4 yards). To improve that, the majority of the funds will be invested in a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), which aims to correct GPS accuracy to around a metre (1.09 yards), across Australia and its maritime zone. On top of $41M for a Space Agency, there's also $260M for satellite imaging & GPS infrastructure through @GeoscienceAus -this will improve GPS location accuracy from 5 metre to 10cm in Australia, and to 3-5cm in urban areas #budget18 @SenatorCash #auspol pic.twitter.com/ZwG7Jmiigh

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