70% hand over personal data in Fukuoka e-receipt trial

The Japan Times 

In a surprise, nearly 70 percent of shoppers in a Fukuoka town agreed to provide their names, addresses, purchase histories and other personal information for the government's first experiment with electronic receipts, it has been learned. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which conducted the trial in March, said the rate was unexpectedly high, although it believes that was partly because they were offered rewards for their participation and also knew it was a state-run trial, informed sources said. The ministry is conducting a detailed analysis of the data. About 600 people participated in the smartphone-based e-receipt trial at a discount store in the town of Shingu, Fukuoka Prefecture. They were given 500 to 1,000 shopping points in exchange for their personal data, with each point worth ¥1.

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