Domino's Australia Serves Up Virtual Previews of Your Pizza Order in Augmented Reality


If you're hungry for pizza and ordering from Domino's in Australia, you can now see what your pie will look like in augmented reality before placing your order. Available through the App Store and Google Play, the updated Domino's mobile app includes New Pizza Chef, an entertaining tool that lets customers build a virtual version of their pizza and their chosen toppings. "Innovations such as the New Pizza Chef with augmented reality are important as they help us to continue to drive online sales, and with up to two million items sold online in one week, we know it's important for us to always be making the online ordering experience more seamless, rewarding, and memorable for our customers," said Michael Gillespie, Domino's Group chief digital and technology officer in a statement. Once the virtual pizza is dressed, users can see it "baked" in front of them via flame effects. The AR experience also displays animated avocado and pineapple characters to up the fun factor (and disgust those who prefer more traditional toppings).

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