Neurensics Innovation Lab To Bring AI To Blockchain Solutions - EconoTimes


Neurensic, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology startup focused on software-as-a-service solutions for the financial services industry, has announced the formation of a new Innovation Lab, which will focus on applying its big data aggregation and AI capabilities to nascent technologies such as blockchain. "Neurensic's ultimate goal is to bring together all business processes currently completed post-trade into a single vendor platform that is able to function real-time and at-trade, opening new horizons for self-regulating markets and ultimately redefining all financial transactions. I have faith that our new Innovation Lab will accelerate this process", said said David Widerhorn, Chief Executive Officer. This lab will be led by Neurensic co-founder Zachary Watts, who is being named as Chief Innovation Officer. "Bringing a business intelligence layer to distributed ledger solutions is critical to forming a sustainable path toward adopting these technologies in the long-run," said Watts.

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