Wanna Build an AI-powered Organization? Start by Getting EVERYONE to "Think Like A Data Scientist"


In a recent blog I stated that "Crossing the AI Chasm" is primarily an organizational and cultural challenge, not a technology challenge. That "Crossing the AI Chasm" not only requires organizational buy-in, but more importantly, necessitates creating a culture of adoption and continuous learning fueled at the front-lines of customer and/or operational engagement (see Figure 1). A recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article "Building the AI-Powered Organization" agrees that despite the promise of AI, many organizations' efforts with it are falling short because of a failure by senior management to rewire the organization from the bottom up. The above points – interdisciplinary collaboration, data-driven at the front-line, and experimental and adaptive – are the hallmarks of an organization where everyone has been trained to Think Like a Data Scientist." So, how can your organization embrace the liberating and innovative process of getting everyone to "Think Like a Data Scientist"?