Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: Separating Hype from Reality - Bitcoin News


Pick an industry – any industry – and you can virtually guarantee that AI will have been hailed as its next big thing. The cryptocurrency sector is no different, with many of 2017's ICOs shoehorning the concept into their whitepapers somewhere in a bid to appear "cutting edge" and in touch with the zeitgeist. But beyond all the hype, what impact will artificial intelligence have on the crypto industry, and could its rise ultimately render human traders obsolete? AI is to tech what "blockchain" is to the cryptocurrency industry: a concept whose genuine applications are significantly outnumbered by the projects interested solely in latching onto the buzzword and surfing it for all it's worth. Given that startups described as being involved with AI attract 15-50% more funding than other tech firms, it's understandable why companies are so keen to cash in on the hype.