Remote, hybrid or office-based? Employers are making big decisions about the future of work. This is what it might look like


For many business leaders, the sudden transition to remote working that was forced upon companies last year as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down office spaces still brings back memories of long hours of work and a few logistical ordeals – but according to some experts from analyst Gartner, the real challenge is yet to come. As restrictions slowly lift and employers start thinking of bringing their staff back into the workplace, some forward-thinking planning will be required to ensure a smooth transition from working fully remotely in the context of a global health crisis, to a hybrid mode of work of which the details are yet to be defined. Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? We've gathered details about 10 leading services. This is because, for a significant proportion of employees, a return to the office for five days a week is unlikely to be an appealing option.

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