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Stanford researchers have developed a new AI tool that can help detect aneurysms, a condition that causes blood vessels in the brain to bulge, potentially causing stroke, brain damage or death. The tool, detailed in a paper published in JAMA Network Open, makes use of a deep learning model called HeadXNet to identify areas in the brain that are likely to have an aneurysm. The tool is meant to help clinicians augment their capabilities to detect aneurysm with greater accuracy. According to the findings, the tool "improved clinicians' ability to correctly identify aneurysms at a level equivalent to finding six more aneurysms in 100 scans that contain aneurysms." To train the algorithm, the researchers reviewed and annotated a total of 611 CT angiography examination reports collected over the course of 14 years between 2003 and 2017 at the university's Medical Center.