Exeter-based edtech startup Sparx raises €22 million for its maths platform


Exeter-based edtech startup Sparx is receiving an injection of €22 million from Oxygen House, an ethical and impact-centric group of companies. Founded in 2010, Sparx is an in-class and homework solution that uses machine learning, personalised content, and data analytics to help teachers be more effective and improve learning outcomes for students in maths. Its first product'Sparx Maths', which focuses on 11 to 16-year-old students, was launched in September 2018 and combines high-quality content, including 32,000 carefully designed maths questions and an adaptive AI technology platform. Its platform provides daily insights into class and student progress, allowing teachers to quickly identify trends. The initial investment from Oxygen House has helped Sparx to work closely with schools to research, test, and develop an approach to learning maths which is highly engaging.

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