Databricks and RStudio Introduce New Version of MLflow with R Integration - insideBIGDATA


Databricks, a leader in unified analytics and founded by the original creators of Apache Spark, and RStudio, today announced a new release of MLflow, an open source multi-cloud framework for the machine learning lifecycle, now with R integration. This new integration adds to features that have already been released, making MLflow the most comprehensive open source machine learning platform, with support for multiple programming languages, integrations with popular machine learning libraries, and support for multiple clouds. Previous to MLflow, the industry did not have a standard process or end-to-end infrastructure to develop and productionize machine learning applications in a simple and consistent way. With MLflow, organizations can package their code as reproducible runs, execute and compare hundreds of parallel experiments, leverage any hardware or software platform for training, tuning, hyperparameter search and more. Additionally, organizations can deploy and manage models in production on a variety of clouds and serving platforms.

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