Maersk Tankers tests wind-driven rotor sails in bid to cut fuel bills

The Japan Times 

COPENHAGEN – Maersk Tankers is testing the use of wind power to fuel its ships, a new technology it says can cut fuel consumption by up to 10 percent and help the industry reduce polluting emissions. The move comes as the global shipping industry is suffering from rising oil prices and preparing for fuel costs to rise further by around a quarter, or some $24 billion, in 2020 when new rules limiting sulfur kick in. The company has installed two 30-meter-tall metal cylinders on board the Maersk Pelican, a Long Range 2 (LR2) product tanker vessel. The cylinders, or rotor sails, work as mechanical sails that spin to propel the vessel forward. The Maersk Pelican was to depart Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Thursday for a test journey.

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