Deep Thinking about AI in Communications


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technologies seen as a mechanism for helping make communications better. The rising interest in bots, personal digital assistants -- Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon), Monica (Cisco), Assistant (Google) -- sentiment analysis, and IBM Watson-based real-time advice and task handling all portend a future in which computer-facilitated communication is and will more pervasively become part of our daily lives and personal workflow routines. But what is AI, and does it really differ from other types of programming? I am delighted that Eric Krapf, GM of Enterprise Connect, has invited me to co-moderate a session on AI and its emerging importance in communications at Enterprise Connect 2017 in Orlando this March. In this Summit on the Lawn session, "Cognitive & Contextual -- Can AI Disrupt Enterprise Collaboration?," we will discuss this topic and its potential impact with those in the industry who are making this technology a reality.