AI Singapore Announces Collaboration with Dell Technologies to Boost AI Competencies


In a media briefing at Dell's AI Experience Zone in Singapore, Dell Technologies announced that AI Singapore has chosen Dell Technologies to deliver High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure that's optimised for AI workloads. AI Singapore, first announced in 2017, is a national program office launched by the National Research Foundation (NRF) to drive the adoption of artificial intelligence, develop the country's AI talent and help seed high-quality research efforts to develop fundamental AI novel techniques, algorithms and adjacent technologies. In the collaboration, Dell Technologies will provide three key computational building blocks for the new supercomputer at AI Singapore to help drive performance and flexibility for its researchers and to scale up its flagship 100 Experiments (100E) program. According to Laurence Liew, Director, AI Industry Innovation, for the 100E program, AI Singapore would partner with companies or industries that need AI solutions, but there are no commercially available solutions available for them in the market, or when they're committed to building their own products to compete globally. "The way we support them is by bringing our professors, researchers and engineering teams to work together with the companies to build their AI products and solutions," he explained.

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