Elderly people in Japan 'are wearing mechanical exoskeletons to wok into 70s'

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Japan's ageing generation is turning to robotic exoskeletons to help them work well into old age, reports claim. The Asian nation has one of the oldest populations in the world, with 28 per cent of natives over the age of 65. As the government considers raising retirement age to 70 in order to cope, more would-be pensioners are strapping on £1,000 exoskeletons to boost strength and stamina to extend their working life. Like most other industrial-focused exosuits it is worn like a backpack but it weighs less than ten pounds and can help lift up to 55lbs (25kg). Exoskeletons are being trialled in warehouses and other labour-intensive jobs to prevent injuries to staff, but have also shown promise in aiding the disabled and elderly.