Researchers Create Wolverine-Inspired Self-Healing, Stretchable And Highly-Conductive Material

International Business Times 

Imagine a material that, when cut, can repair itself -- à la Wolverine from "X-Men" -- and is transparent, extremely stretchable, as well as highly conductive. Scientists believe that such a material, if developed, can be used -- among other things -- to create "self-healing" robots and to increase the life of lithium-ion batteries. A team of researchers described, in a study published Friday in the journal Advanced Materials, the creation of such an ionic conductor -- one that is transparent, stretchable and self-healing. The rubber-like material can stretch to a staggering 50 times its original length, and can "heal" in a span of just 24 hours after being cut at room temperature. Moreover, just five minutes after healing, it can be stretched to two times its original length.

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