Now Is a Good Time to Update Your Recovery Email Addresses


With an abundance of password managers, browsers, and mobile operating systems all making it easy, and more apps adopting fingerprint or face recognition support, logging into our numerous accounts is more straightforward and seamless than ever. It's important not to get complacent though--whether it's through moving to new devices or because of shady activity that hasn't been authorized, plenty of users still find themselves locked out of their accounts on a regular basis. If that should happen, you're going to have to fall back on the various recovery processes implemented by these accounts, which normally involve a backup email address. Keeping this email address up to date and secure is vital--not just in case you need to gain access to a locked account, but also to guard against other people trying to reset your login credentials. If this backup email isn't valid, or has been compromised, you're opening yourself up to numerous potential problems.

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