Traveling for the holidays? Invest in a security camera -- a few from Blink are on sale.


BEST FOR OUTSIDE: Blink Outdoor three-camera kit -- $169.99 (save 32%) BEST FOR INSIDE: Blink Indoor camera -- $59.99 (save 25%) BEST FOR APARTMENTS: Blink Mini indoor camera -- $24.99 (save 29%) If you're planning on traveling to see family this holiday season, you should prep your home for your absence. One step to take is investing in a security camera, so you can have some peace of mind and actually enjoy your vacation -- or at least get through the holidays without any extra stressors. To see what's going on around the outside of your house, grab this three-camera kit and hang them up in areas you want to keep an eye on. If you don't have a video doorbell, it's probably smart to install one of these cameras near your front door. The Blink Outdoor cameras are wireless, have night vision, and are built to withstand bad weather.

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