Want Noise-Canceling Headphones Without the Bulk? Try These Earbuds

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology 

NOISE-CANCELING technology has long been confined to over-the-ear headphones--a bulky way to mute jackhammers and sirens while enjoying your playlist or trying to work. But the makers of wireless earbuds have now found a way to squeeze the same muffling tech into a smaller, lighter package. Packed with enough battery power to last a few hours (and easily re-juiced in their charging cases), these earbuds, like their bulbous brothers, use microphones to pick up noise, then push soundwaves of the inverse wavelength into your ears. We tested new models for sound quality, noise-cancelling prowess, voice clarity on calls and ease of use. Sony is on a noise-canceling roll with these scaled-down versions of their popular over-ear headsets.

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