Jabra Halo Smart review: If you're all talk, this Bluetooth headset is a solid choice


Some people are incredibly busy and take calls at all hours of the day and night. Those who are self-aware enough to not want to look a dweeb with a Bluetooth earpiece hanging out of one ear now have other options, such as Jabra's new Halo Smart headset. These Bluetooth headphones ( 80 and available at Amazon) let you seamlessly switch from calls to music without swapping out one pair of earbuds for another. Bonus: If Apple ditches the iPhone's headphone jack, you'll be ahead of the curve with an affordable Bluetooth pair on standby. The tip fit is always slightly off, most Bluetooth models don't sound the best, and models that wire the left and right channels together--and the ones that have a band behind the neck--often get tangled in my long, thick hair.

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