Using data analytics to build strategic workforce development plans - FedScoop


Government agencies continue to face a shortage of the IT skills they increasingly need to serve the public and safeguard government data. And with the ongoing pandemic, it is critical that agencies give longer term thought to their IT skills development strategies. In a recent FedScoop survey, 8 in 10 federal CIOs, budget officials and human capital managers surveyed said they are moderately or highly concerned about being able to replenish their IT staffs with a younger generation of talent that is trained in these modern technologies. And 46% indicated that a key opportunity to improve IT workforce development lies in prioritizing funding to support upskilling or reskilling opportunities. That's one reason agencies should lean on data analytics tools to establish more proactive skills development programs, says Brandon Peay, executive vice president of skills at Pluralsight, a company that provides online skill development training.

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