AI in cybersecurity: 1 in 3 experts say humans won't be needed in a decade


A third of cybersecurity experts believe the rise of AI in cybersecurity will see the end of humans making security decisions within a decade, according to research published today. In a survey cybersecurity experts conducted at Info Security Europe by One Identity, 33% of cybersecurity experts said that they believed there would be no need for humans to be involved in the cybersecurity decision making process in less than ten years. A further 13% said they thought this would happen in more than ten years, while 14% said they thought there was already no need for humans to make such decisions thanks to the rise of AI in cybersecurity. Only 40% said they thought that AI would never become advanced enough to remove humans from the cybersecurity decision making process. The use of artificial intelligence in the cybersecurity space has seen rapid proliferation in recent years, particularly to automate often mundane and repetitive processes within the space, or to lighten the load of cybersecurity researchers, who are in short supply in a growing field.

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