The future of personalized health is scientific wellness


The convergence of personalized medicine with digital health and artificial intelligence, systems biology, social networks, big data analytics and precision medicine is on the cusp of enabling an emerging field: scientific wellness. "Over the next 10-15 years there will be a scientific wellness industry in contrast to the disease industry and the market cap will far exceed that of the disease industry," said Leroy Hood, Chief Science Officer at Providence St. Joseph. "The contrast between 20th and 21st Century medicine is striking, 21st is proactive, focused on the individual, disease and it employs personalized data clouds to explore the complexities of human beings." The idea of scientific wellness is a quantitative approach that includes improving the health of individuals, create personalized treatments, reverse disease transitions and reduce costs -- distinct from the current wellness trend focusing primarily on behaviors such as diet and lifestyle. Precision medicine, much like the future in cyberpunk author William Gibson's oft-cited quote, is already here -- it's just not evenly distributed yet.