Network management key for IoT


Kathy Gibson at VMworld in Barcelona – The network isn't what it used to be: in the digital world, the network now extends from the cloud to the core to the edge – adding to the CIO's concerns about management and security. Nowhere is this more apparent that at the edge, where the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to gain real traction, says Joe Baguley, chief technology officer: EMEA at VMware. There's no shortage of sensors being deployed in "things" as diverse as manufacturing plant, city infrastructure and even building materials. Meanwhile, the narrow-band networks, data collection gateway appliances and analytics to make intelligent use of the data produced are all well understood. Baguley explains that VMware is working on two separate but related technologies that will address this issue, and help IoT solution providers and customers to better manage these increasingly-vital and –pervasive networks.