George Clooney Opens Up About Being Involved In Lifelong Activism

International Business Times 

Oscar winner George Clooney recently opened up about being vocal about issues like politics and activism, saying that it was important to be a part of the conversation about the things that affect the lives of many people. Speaking in an interview for People Magazine's People of the Year issue, the 59-year-old superstar revealed that his parents, Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren, were always immersed in politics and social activism and always taught him that it was their "civic duty" to talk about these things. "You had to be involved. My mother and father were involved, and we were [taught] it is your civic duty. I remember my father saying, 'Don't come back and look me in the eye unless you stand up to [bullies and racists].' I am glad to have been raised that way," Clooney said.

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