Japanese researchers aim to unlock secrets of the mysterious giant squid

The Japan Times 

In ancient legend they were called the kraken, fearsome sea monsters of giant proportions that would drag sailors down to their doom. More than 2,000 years later, the world still remains mystified by the creatures we now know as giant squids. But researchers, led by internationally renowned zoologist Tsunemi Kubodera, are doing their best to unlock the secrets of the fabled deep-sea denizens. Last week at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kubodera conducted a dissection of a 394-cm-long specimen along with a team of researchers from universities and other institutions around the country. "The giant squid is a very rare animal," said Kubodera, who in 2012 became the first person in the world to film one of the giant creatures in its natural habitat, descending nearly 1 km beneath the surface in a small submersible to record the creature near the Ogasawara Islands about 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

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